About Us


We weren’t happy with our jobs and weren't satisfied with the 1 week vacations that were standard. Andrew went straight from undergrad into the high pressure world of finance and Sarah was at a job in pharmaceutical research that wasn’t going anywhere. So, rather than do the logical thing and find new jobs in our fields or go back to school, we quit.

We knew we wanted some time off to see the places you can’t see with only 1 to 2 weeks of vacation. We knew we wanted to start with a US road trip. We knew that even a month long road trip in our VW GTI with the dog would be a struggle and we knew that paying for a hotel every night would add up fast.

After a hard look at our finances and a lot of Instagram and Pinterest dreaming, we decided to buy a van and build it into an RV. With the van, we could travel at our own pace. We could bring the dog. We could drive to the middle of nowhere and camp under the stars while still having a bed.    

So here we are.

At 30, unemployed and living in a van.

Who knew that would be a good thing?

We are officially on the road to nowhere.




The brains of the operation.

Handy with power tools.

Obsessed with road biking. 



The interior designer.

Novice with power tools.

Obsessed with all dogs.



The chief cuddler.

Runs away from power tools.

Obsessed with anything Andrew & Sarah are eating.